My name is Britney, I go by Kiaa though.

Welcome to my little corner of the internet!
My blog is random, but I do post a lot of Tom Hiddleston. I am a geek, a proud pansexual.
I am also a furry and fursuiter.

Feel free to add me to skype I am super nice :) kia.1992


So, this happened today! Not only have I met Tom once, but now twice! And this time I got my picture taken with him. He is honestly the sweetest, most handsome guy ever. I am way to happy right now. We waited 7 hours. So worth it. I met some new friends today too(I will be following you girls back on tumblr!).

P.S. He smelled so friggen good. lol.

gahhhh <3<3<3<3<3

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    Okay, well its now past midnight which means, its Monday, which means THIS happened 3 weeks ago!! What the hell D: Where...
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    “He smelled so friggen good.” GACK!!! Details, woman, DETAILS! britdoo
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    Well…don’t be selfish, now; tell us what the fuck he smelled like!
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    Hi! You are the luckiest girl eveeeeer! Aaahhhh I hope I meet Tom someday, the sooner the better ♥♥♥! I’m sure he smells...
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